History of our parish

“The first ever holy mass of our community who were craving for a church to offer holy mass in Syro Malabar Rite and in our mother tongue, Malayalam language was fulfilled at Sri Aiyappa School premise, Muni Reddy Palaya during the year 1990.  To be precise, it was on Christmas day of the same year and the mass was celebrated by Late Rev. Fr. George Nedumpalakunnel.”
father mar
Bishop's message

Mar. Sebastian Adayanthrath

" Dear Rev. Fr. Roy and Parishioners May peace be with everyone: I am extremely delighted to know that St. Alphonsa Forane Church, Sultanpalya is going to launch a Website. On this occasion I wish to congratulate everyone who worked towards achieving this goal. May the ultimate objective of uniting all faithful and spreading the word of God be achieved through this Website. Jesus is our true redeemer and only hope for transforming and enriching our lives and by practicing his teachings in our lives to set forth a good example for others. All the difficulties we faced in the past should be lessons for us to get closer to God our Heavenly Father. Therefore, let us be aware of his plans and look forward to opportunities for spreading the word of God As we enter a new era with the launching of the Website, may this help everyone to keep abreast with the Parish's accompaniments, news and events. Let this also be a medium to spread peace, unity and brotherhood far and wide among other communities as well. Let us intercede through St, Alphonsa and worship ardently to Lord Jesus Christ. . "

Fr Tony
Vicar's message

Rev. Fr. Tony Thannickal

" Peace and Joy to everyone from the Alphonsian family. As St.Paul says, "...the Love of Christ impulse us" (2Corithians 5,14). The Lord in His Merciful love has showered countless blessings upon us over the past decades.He has anointed and sent committed and zealous missionaries to this vineyard to care of His people.The past seven years has been monumental for this 'Bharananganam of Bengaluru', thanks to the inexplicable efforts of Rev.Fr.Roy Vattakkunnel, the 'Faber Dei' (God's Architect).We bow our heads in gratitude to Almighy God for the 'great work', he has accomplished through His faithful ministers. We, the Alphonsians are committed to spread the 'Joy of the Gospel' through works of mercy. May the Lord of heaven and earth bless everyone through the mighty intercession of St.Alphonsa.."

Mentor's message

Rev. Fr. Roy Vattakunnel

" St. Alphonsa Forane church, Sultanpalya- known as “The Bharanganam of Bangalore”, is a place of prayer, worship, peace and serenity. People who visit this church obtain great spiritual blessings through the intercession of St. Alphonsa, the heavenly patroness of the parish. The parish community is a typical model of the Early Christian Community, where in all the believers were one in heart and mind. All Parishners joined hand in hand and gave their personal time and effort to build the church: from Children to the elderly, all joined with great dedication in the public work called “Pothuppani” to build the church. We saw the dream of Parishners turning into reality when the Multipurpose Parish hall was completed in just over a year’s time and by God’s grace, the Monumental church construction was completed in another two years’ time as scheduled. "

The voluntary generous contributions of the members and well wishers of the church helped us to complete the church construction well within the budget and without any kind of debts.

Special Thanks to Construction Core Committee Mr. Shajan. K. Joseph- Coordinator, Mr. Joslin Sabestian- Architect, Members- Mr. Alexander C.T, Mr. Abraham M.M, Mr. Antony M.P, Mr. Pradeep Joseph, Mr. Ouseph N.K, Mr. John V.P, Mr. Davis V.T, Mr. Tom Sabestian.

The newly consecrated church stands as the symbol of God’s Grace as well as the hard work and the unity of members of the parish and all the well-wishers.
We thank God almighty for his immense grace and abundant mercy showered on us at the church construction period and now when we look at the graceful church it makes ourselves proud as it stands to emphasize the power of our unity in love. 



Sunday- 7:00, 10:00 AM & 5:00 PM
Week Days-6:30 AM

Week Days – Rosary :- 6:00 AM
* Friday – Novena to St. Alphonsa  (after Holy Mass)
Saturday- Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help (after Holy Mass)

*First Friday – Novena to St. Alphonsa at 6.15 AM & Eucharistic Adoration after Holy Mass at 6.30AM

Sunday Announcements


1) During the Rosary month, ward level online Rosaries started in many wards. Request Ward Leaders to initiate 10 days of Rosary prayers in wards where it is yet to start. October 22nd onwards, ward wise Rosary prayers will be conducted at the Church at 6.30pm.

2) Next Sunday is Mission Sunday. Please contribute generously to support the mission work of the Church. You can handover your contributions to Ward Leaders in the envelops distributed in next two weeks time.

3) Feast / memorial days in this week St. Teresa of Avila (15-OCT) and Bl. Augustine Thevarparambil (Kunjachan -16-OCT).

4) Bachelor membership can be taken by unmarried youth from Kerala who are staying in our Church limits for study or work related purposes. This is pre-requisite for issuing any letters from the Parish. Please submit the filled in application form (available at Parish Office) along with a reference letter from native Parish Vicar to Fr. Vicar for membership.

5) FIAT Mission does evangelization mission by distributing the Bible printed out of re-cycled paper. You can donate old news papers, magazines and notebooks to support their work. You can bring such items to Church and place it in the store near Parish hall.

6) Please handover 'Maranananthara Sahaya Nidhi' (MSN) contributions for 2021 and monthly subscription dues with the Ward Leaders at the earliest.

7) Please continue the COVID19 precautionary measures like wearing the mask, hand washing, sanitization and social distancing while you attend the Church.

8) Our Cemetery Committee did a fabulous job in completing the Tomb Construction in our new Cemetery in a time bound manner. I take this opportunity to thank all of them for their tireless work. Those who have registered for the tomb can collect the registration and contributions cards from the Parish Office. Please ensure that you submit the declaration form in the Parish Office.

9) Please return the filled in applications forms for the NORKA insurance and pension schemes to Pithruvedi office bearers for submission and further processing.

No Ward Prayers Announced


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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP), an international Christian layman voluntary organization was formed on 23rd April 1833 in Paris by Blessed Frederic Ozanam and his friends to practice works of mercy. 

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The 'Pithruvedi' is an initiative of the Syro Malabar church in Bangalore at the diocesan level. Even before the constitution of the Mandya Diocese, the idea of 'Pithruvedi' was conceived by the Syro- Malabar Mission



Mathrujyothi was formed in Blessed Alphonsa Church, Sultanpalaya on 9th March 1999.  For the purpose of uniformity in name, as time passed, it was renamed as Mathruvedi across the diocese.



Youth is the period of life when one is filled with freshness, vigor, sport and energy. St. Alphonsa Forane Church is blessed to have an energetic group of youngsters to lead the youth association called Catholic Youth of St. Alphonsa Church (CYSAC).

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Cherupushpa Mission League (CML) is a lay organization for those children who wish to undertake missionary work of Jesus Christ. This pious association was started as a mark for the prayerful memory of St. Theresa (The Little Flower)



Holy Childhood popularly known as Thirubala sakhyam in Kerala is an association of children who are yet to receive their First Holy Communion. All Catechism students from Nursery till grade 4th are a part of this Association.


St. Alphonsa Forane Church has ensured that faith formation or Catechism for all our children is given paramount importance. Ever since its inception, successive Vicars have provided their unconditional support, guidance and wholeheartedly participated in the spiritual development of our children.







Senior Choir Team
Senior Choir Team

Won 2nd Prize in Cantale 2019 inter Church Carol Competition organised by Santhome Choir...

Children’s  Choir Team
Children’s Choir Team

3rd Prize in “Kunju Malaghamar” organised by Pithruvedi unit of St. Joseph’s Church...

Volleyball Team
Volleyball Team

Won the 3rd Prize in Fr.Mathew Thoyalil Memorial Inter Church Volleyball Tournament in...

Group Dance Team
Group Dance Team

2nd Prize in Bible Kalothsavam Group Dance in the Diocese Level Mandya Diocese Bible...



HoF :- Jose K.A
Kidangan Family
Reg No :- D-72
St. Antony’s Church, Arimpur, Thrissur Arch Diocese
St. Mary’s Ward

Joined On: 10-12-2019

HoF:- Fredin Prenchu
Cheruvallil Family
Reg No:- D-71
St. Francis Assisi Church, Amballoor, Ernakulam-Angamaly Arch Diocese
St. Mary’s Ward

Joined On: 28-11-2019

HoF:- Jinto PA 
Poochalil Family
Reg No:- D-70
St. Joseph’s Church Mandapam, Thalassery Arch Diocese.
St. Antony Ward

Joined On: 24-11-2019

HoF:- Rappal AL 
Alukkal Family
Reg No:- D-69
St. Augustine Church Madathumpady, Irinjalakuda Diocese
St. Claret Ward

Joined On: 15-11-2019

Departed souls in 2019

Mrs. Thresiamma Jose

St. George Ward
Departed On: 04-12-2019

Mrs. Melrose Mary

St. Mother Teresa Ward
Departed On: 25-09-2019

Mr.George Joseph

St. Claret Ward
Departed On: 05-09-2019

Mrs. Achamma Poulose

St. Mother Teresa Ward
Departed On: 18-08-2019

Mrs. Sosamma Chacko

St. Mary’s Ward
Departed On: 11-07-2019

Mr. Alexander Selvan

St. Mother Teresa Ward
Departed On: 18-06-2019

Mr. John Bosco

St. Mother Teresa Ward
Departed On: 13-06-2019

Mr. John Thomas

St. Philomena’s Ward
Departed On: 23-02-2019

Mr. Thomas T N

St. George Ward
Departed On: 05-02-2019