The Liturgy team helps in the divine worship of the Church which includes the celebration of Mass, the celebration of the Sacraments, and the Divine Office or Daily Prayer of the Church. The liturgy committee of our parish relentlessly works towards ensuring the smooth functioning of the various liturgical aspects. The parish sacristan plays a key role in the overall preparation of all liturgical celebrations. The sacristan ensures that the sanctity of the church and its premise is well kept.

The altar service team represents the heavenly angels who assist the celebrant during the Eucharistic celebrations. They also lead the congregation in prayer and remind them to remain attentive during the mass. The parish choir during the liturgical services brings about an atmosphere of prayer and reverence by means of their melodious music. The parish choir is vested with the responsibility of helping the congregation glorify God, by joining with the heavenly hosts.


Mr. Abraham PV

Mr. Alexander CT

Ms. Animol Jimson

Mr. Jenson Varghese

Mr. John KT

Mr. John PO

Mr. John VP

Mr. Jose Rajesh

Ms. Nicy Anil

Ms. Shanti Saji

Ms. Vincy Roy

Mr. Poulose AK


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