About the patron

St. Thomas was one among the 12 apostles of our Lord. He is believed to be from the city of Galilee. He was often referred to as the twin or Didymus. He was courageous and once declared “Let us go and die with him” John 11:16.

As part of his missionary journey St. Thomas reached India in the year AD 52. He landed on the Malabar coast at Maliankara near Kodungallu. His evangelical zeal led to the conversion of many. During this period he founded 7 churches, namely Palayur,Kottakavu,Kokamangalam,Niranm,Chayal and Kollam.

The Persian church was the fruit of his first mission. His second mission led to the birth of St.Thomas Christians (Mar Thoma Nazranis) in the south of India, thus he became the father of faith of the Syro-Malabar church.

His proclamation “My Lord, My God” on seeing the risen lord stands as a testimony to his deep rooted faith. St. Thomas attained martyrdom in Mylapore in the year AD 72. His feast day is celebrated as Dukharana on 3rd July

Liturgy Committee:

Liturgy is the divine worship of the Church and includes the celebration of Mass, the celebration of the Sacraments, and the Divine Office or Daily Prayer of the Church. The liturgy committee of our parish relentlessly works towards ensuring the smooth functioning of the various liturgical aspects. They are the careful stewards of the parish liturgy. The committee members pay keen attention to matters such as Bible reading during mass, prayers especially during feast days and the celebration of sacraments.

The parish sacristan plays a key role in the overall preparation of all liturgical celebrations. The sacristan also takes up various other responsibilities such as maintaining the sacred vestments, vessels, arranging offertory tables. Above all the sacristan ensures that the sanctity of the church and its premise is well kept.


O St. Thomas, the Apostle of India, Father of our faith, you spread the light of Christ in the hearts of the people of India. You humbly confessed “My Lord and My God” and sacrificed your life for love of him. We pray to you to strengthen us with love and faith in Jesus Christ so that we may dedicate ourselves totally to the cause of the kingdom of justice, peace and love. We pray that through your intercession we may be protected from all trials, dangers and temptations and be strengthened in the love of the Triune God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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