Nursing is one of the oldest and noblest profession in the history of mankind. Nurses are often the unsung hero in medical fraternity extending care, bringing hope, instilling righteousness, praying and spreading positivity right from the womb to the tomb. Being a nurse is not just a profession, it’s a ‘call’ to be a Saint among the living.

Nursing ministry has its origins in St. Mary’s church Dubai in 2003. Thus, what began as a small group has now panned across many parishes in various countries.


The mission statement of Nurses Ministry is: A movement of Catholic Professional Nurses, committed to the ‘caring and healing’ Ministry of Jesus Christ with a charismatic spirituality.

Essence of Nurses Ministry

They are selfless in caring for the sick and alleviate the suffering of mankind by seeing each person as an image of God. A nurse who is filled with the Holy Spirit plays a pivotal role in leading those in suffering to Jesus Christ.

They are role models who play an important role in spreading the ‘Word of God’ through their actions and deeds. It is for this reason, they are called to be true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Nurses Ministry plays an important role in ensuring that nurses lead a life of holiness through prayers, providing opportunities to receive Sacraments, listen to the word of God and partake in fellowship activities.

Nurses Ministry in St. Alphonsa Forane Church

The Bangalore Chapter of Nurses Ministry was established in 2015, which is ably guided by International, National and Regional Spiritual Coordinators.

International Nurses Day was celebrated in our Parish on May 12, 2019. On this day, the Holy Mass was dedicated to the intention of Nurses. All the Nurses from our Parish including Nursing students were honoured and their service to the society was recognized. Nurses from our parish also participated in the day long retreat and program conducted by Nurses Ministry in Eparchy of Mandya.

The activities of Nurses Ministry in our Parish include:

• Conducting Intercessory prayers every Wednesday for Nurses, and special prayers for Nurses in Karnataka
• Offering Holy Mass and reciting Rosary for Nurses on the 13th of every month
• Way of the cross on a daily basis for all the nurses
• Formation Program by international coordinators once in 3 to 4 months

In the long term, Nurses Ministry aims to integrate the principles of Florence Nightingale (also known as ‘Lady with a Lamp’) with the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ. In this mission, we require your steadfast support, prayers and above all blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ.


Ms.Mini Joseph


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