“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity”

Youth is the period of life when one is filled with freshness, vigor, sport and energy. St. Alphonsa Forane Church is blessed to have an energetic group of youngsters to lead the youth association called Catholic Youth of St. Alphonsa Church (CYSAC).

The launching of the Parish’s youth activities goes back to the early parts of year 2000, at which time the organization, named as Federation of Blessed Alphonsa Church (FABY), was led by a dynamic group of youth leaders, who inspired the rest of the youth in our parish to work hard for the betterment of our parish as a whole. FABY was later renamed as Catholic Youth of Saint Alphonsa Church (CYSAC) after the canonization of Blessed Alphonsa in October 2008. Since the establishment of CYSAC, we have grown leaps and bounds in number of membership and in activities.

CYSAC is a dedicated organization of vibrant and enthusiastic youth, moving forward with the aim of glorifying Christ in all their endeavours. It is a spiritual group with talented and dedicated young adults who volunteer themselves in various social and cultural activities to help the parish grow. Every year, CYSAC comes out with innovative and fun filled activities in the church, to keep our members actively involved in all the events we conduct. Recently we started ARMONIA, a spiritual and cultural event for the members of our parish to maintain the team spirit and to strengthen the personal bonding among parishioners. We conduct our annual feast titled Les Fabuleux Asaiah in our parish in which youth from other parishes of Mandya Diocese are given an opportunity to participate. This provides a chance for everyone to mingle with the youth of our Diocese and help build a rapport and a sense of friendship among everyone. We conduct various competitions for catechism students to help them grow spiritually and guide them find their inner potential. The main source of our income is raised through the stalls that we put up during main events in the church such as St. Alphonsa Feast, St. Sebastian’s Feast etc. As a part of maintaining Kerala’s tradition, we celebrate Onam where various games and fun filled activities are conducted for the parish members. CYSAC members have always been active participants in all cultural, sports and liturgical events hosted by various parishes throughout Bangalore.

CYSAC’ians meet on second Sundays of every month to discuss and plan its course of action for the following month. The adoration on Second Friday of every month is led by CYSAC, which helps in the spiritual growth of its members. We would like to acknowledge the support extended by our Vicar, the Trustees, members of other pious associations and parishioners which is inevitable for the smooth running of CYSAC.






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