Sunday School

Catechism is the central dogma of our catholic faith, carefully nurtured and passed down from generations and ingrained in our way of life. Catechism not only helps our children grow up in faith, ensuring them to spread Gods message in their families, church and society.

St. Alphonsa Forane Church has ensured that faith formation or Catechism for all our children is given paramount importance. Ever since its inception, successive Vicars have provided their unconditional support, guidance and wholeheartedly participated in the spiritual development of our children.

There are more than 220 children studying Catechism in St. Alphonsa Forane Church Sunday School from classes Kindergarten to 12th. We have 15 teachers with more than 5 years of experience in teaching Catechism, 3 substitute teachers and office staff to guide our children. The classes are held every Sunday between 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM. It is a moment of pride for us all to state that all our children have successfully passed their Mid Term and Final exams with flying colors. The examinations are conducted under the purview of Commission for Bible and Diocese of Mandya.

Our Sunday school provides students ample opportunities to participate in activities that showcase their talents and learn new talents. During the feast of St. Alphonsa, Parish Day, feast of St. Sebastian, our children put up a cultural extravaganza that resonates in our heart and minds forever. Many of our children have won prizes in Bible Kalaotsavam, Inter-church carol competitions and other events organized by Eparchy of Mandya.

Annual Retreat

Every academic year, our children attend a retreat that reiterates the importance of leading a life based on teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, apart from developing their spiritual life and overall personality.

The key takeaway for our children were to imbibe, reflect on the teachings of Jesus Christ, adopt good values, be better individuals, transform our society and above all be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Sacrament of Confession

We also organize Confessions, every 2 months, for our children to help them distinguish between good and bad deeds, seek forgiveness for omissions and denounce evil or satanic temptations in their life.

Sacrament of Holy Communion and Confirmation

Every year we prepare our students to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion and Confirmation. During the days preceding the event, Catechists and Clergy mold the students imparting an in-depth understanding of the Church, life and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, preparing them for their first Confession and inculcating them to recite prayers, participate in family prayers and read Holy Bible daily.

Test and Examination

In line with the Catechetical Centre of Eparchy of Mandya, semester level exams are conducted for our students. Eligible students from every class are further trained to participate in the Scholarship Exams held at the Diocese level

Cherupushpam Mission League (CML)

All our children who have received the Sacrament of Holy Communion are members of CML. The intent of CML is to introduce them to Missions, the various missionary activities undertaken by various congregations.

Altar Service

We are blessed with enthusiastic group of children who voluntarily participate in the Altar Service, assist Priests in the Holy Mass and be a role model to future generations.

Holy Qurbana and Children Choir

Our Lord Jesus Christ has a special place for Children. It is therefore apt to have a Eucharistic celebration, or Holy Qurbana Which lead by our children every second and fourth Sunday of the month.

In this Qurbana our children from every class in our Sunday school, participate in liturgical activities and bring stationery as offering. This is collectively gifted to lesser privileged brethren

We also have an exclusive choir who have enthralled us with their melodious rendition, ably molded by our dedicated and talented Choir Leader.

Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

Our PTA and teachers meet every month to discuss about Sunday school activities, plan events, assist in school initiatives and ensure to provide continued support to help the school function efficiently.

Teachers Meeting

In addition to the PTA, our Catechism director, teachers have regular meeting every month. During this meeting, teachers ideate on methods to enhance faith formation, plan for upcoming Eucharistic events and mentor/prepare students for various events conducted by Eparchy of Mandya.

All our accomplishments would not have been possible without the benevolence of God the Almighty, steadfast support of our Vicar Rev. Fr.Roy, Parents and our dear Parishioners who volunteer and participate wholeheartedly in grooming, molding and mentoring our future citizens.


Rev Fr. Tony Thannickal


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